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powerful, affordable autoresponders, just $14.95 a monthNeed an autoresponder service you can rely on to get your emails delivered?

Internet marketers today are tearing their hair out trying to get mail to their subscribers' inboxes ... particularly the likes of Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL.

These email service providers ... and a growing number of others ... are taking a tough line against anything that looks remotely like spam ... even if it's genuine confirmed opt-in email.

At Firebirdpro, we put top priority on email deliverability

To be honest, it's an ongoing battle. We have to invest a huge amount of time and effort to ensure our clients' mail gets delivered. We've got the best expert advice available on how to set up our servers to meet the demands of Yahoo, Hotmail and co.

And the results speak for themselves

We're not making claims of '99.34%' or any other deliverability figure. Those kind of figures are meaningless. But we can say confidently our deliverability is right up there with the best. And we intend to keep it that way.

So, try us out!

If you want to test our deliverability, take a demo now. Watch our reply message come straight to your inbox.

the best value-for-money autoresponders on the marketEven better ...

Get Firebirdpro

Sign up now for Firebirdpro. You will get immediate access to all the features, including unlimited autoresponders with unlimited follow up messages.

It's just $14.95 a month to continue your subscription.

Then, as you attract more and more subscribers, and you have 2000, you will move up to our heavy-weight pricing of $24.95 a month.

Firebirdpro is substantially less expensive than the other unlimited autoresponders out there.

And yet we have more features than most, great deliverability and excellent, personal help whenever you need it, because we're a small, agile business. We understand other small businesses, and respond fast.

Firebirdpro is designed for marketers who want to build an email list the RIGHT way

With Firebirdpro, its easy to put a sign-up form on your website ... to collect your visitor's email address. Offer them an incentive to sign up ... for example, a short report on an aspect of your industry. These are easy to write and visitors love them.

Send out a sequence of short, interesting follow-up emails ... on autopilot

You only have to write these messages once. Then, Firebirdpro faithfully sends this sequence to very visitor who signs up. If you give away free, useful information your visitor will read your messages from top to bottom. If you also point out the benefits of your products and services, and your visitor becomes sure that he needs what you are offering ... then they buy!

Impress your reader with a quality layout

With Firebirdpro you can write professionally formatted, html email newsletters. They look great and so your credibility is enhanced. And as a result, your sales go up.

Moreover, Firebirdpro lets you merge specific, personal details into each email, so even though there are hundreds of people on the mailing list each one is treated personally.

Save effort with Firebirdpro's easy-to-use admin area.

With a simple, single login you are taken to Firebirdpro's admin area, which is extremely simple to use and understand. And if you need help, we are right here to help you out.

Why don't we offer free accounts?

Many other automatic responder services offer free accounts. While these may seem attractive, the reality is, these free accounts tend to attract spammers. Once an autoresponder service has attracted complaints about spam coming from its servers, its deliverability rate drops. Thus, every member ... even the paying ones ... are penalised. That's why we don't offer free accounts.

Are you ready to convert your website visitors to repeat buyers through email follow up?

(There's absolutely no risk . You can cancel at any time.)

autoresponders offering outstanding vlue for money and great deliverabilityAnd of course, there's our famous 30-day guarantee

If you are not happy with how Firebirdpro is working for you during the first 30 days you use it, we will gladly refund your payment. No questions asked.

And, you also get friendly support whenever you need it. Just email us

autoresponders offering great deliverablity and value for money at $14.95 a month

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